BSDLab cells is active in south africa market as cuvette manufacturer since 2013. We supply cuvettes for spectrophotometer, fluorometer and other instruments.

The first cuvette sale order from south africa is for tube cells and sample cells.

  • Tube cells with sizes: 40x60mmØ & 35x34mmØ & 52x45mmØ, glass, 10 pairs
  • Sample Cell: 1 Square Glass, 25mL matched pair – Hach 2095000 Similar, glass, 10 pairs

Cuvette manufacturer for south africa

This is a suppliers & distributors order. these models are not our standard cuvettes. We are BSDLAB, not Hach. As we are cuvette manufacturer, we make these custom cuvettes for the supplier and use FedEx to delivery the order.

Yes, we offer cuvette distributor/reseller price for this order. Helping dealers succeed is helping ourselves.

Our seconday south africa cuvette enquiry is from Johannesburg.

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BSDLab only supply quartz cuvette and glass cuvette for spectrophotometer and fluorometer. We don't have plastic cuvettes now. If you need disposable cuvettes for spectrophotometer suppliers south africa, you can try other suppliers.

How can we help you?

BSDLab make reliable glass and quartz cuvette at affordable prices. Your laboratory can cut costs down without sacrificing quality.

Need help finding the right cells? Need to make custom cuvette?

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