Long quartz cuvette for colorimeter and spectrophotometer, specification: material uv quartz, out dimension size 50mm x 12.5mm x 12.5mm ,longer than normal 45mm standard cell .

a customer from Africa Mauritus, just ask quotation for a long quartz cuvette for colorimeter with affordable price.

Question : "we have supplied a colorimeter to a customer ( see attachment, the second photo), and he complains that the standard 45mm length cuvette is too short for the sample port, and they have to remove it using forceps. Can you supply me with a longer cuvette similar to 10mm cuvette in the photo."

50mm long quartz cuvette

Answer : "BSDLAB cells is cuvette maker. We can manufacture this model quartz cuvette. the specs is similar to standard 10mm cuvette, but the height is 50mm (height of standard cell is 45mm). Please tell me the quantity, then i can quote you include the shipping cost."

If you also need this type quartz cuvette, you can buy this long quartz cuvette online, or please to ask for quote. We can offer you quality cuvette with competitive price.

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