standard cell with stopper

Macro Cells with Teflon/Ptfe Stopper

Macro Cells with Teflon/Ptfe Stopper

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About us

BSDLab Cells, supplier and fabricator of cells for spectrophotometer, fluorometer and colorimeter.
We manufacture and supply good quality glass and quartz cuvettes with affordable prices.You can cut costs down without sacrificing quality.

Standard spectrophotometer cells with Teflon/Ptfe Stopper, Body Height=45mm, with round bottom(default option) or level bottom.

Standard rectangular ptfe/Teflon Stopper, Macro cells with ptfe/Teflon Stopper, Absorption Cells, two windows polished

Cuvette Specification
Quartz Glass and Glass Standard cell with ptfe/Teflon Stopper's Specification
Outside Dimensions
Path Length(mm) Inside Width(mm) Volume(ml)
45x12.5x3.5 1 10 0.35
45x12.5x4.5 2 10 0.7
45x12.5x7.5 5 10 1.7
45x12.5x12.5 10 10 3.5
45x12.5x22.5 20 10 7.0
45x12.5x32.5 30 10 10.5
45x12.5x42.5 40 10 14.0
45x12.5x52.5 50 10 17.5
45x12.5x102.5 100 10 35
cuvette material

This type Spectrophotometer cuvette's material can be ES/UV quartz,IR quartz or optical glass. ES/UV Quartz cells for 190nm-2500nm, IR Quartz cells for 220nm-3500nm, Optical Glass cells for 320nm-2500nm.

cuvette introduction
  • Highly accurate results, only need to test sample one time.
  • Accurate repeatability, BSDLab Cells cuvettes are made with only the highest quality quartz and glass materials.
  • Hand made, ensuring the highest quality optical polish with no defects.
  • Every cell is thoroughly inspected before leaving the factory.
  • BSDLab Cells cuvettes are guaranteed to give you the best optical transmission.
  • We us fire fused craft to ensure the best bonding.
  • Path Length:1mm~100mm
  • Volume:0.35ml~35ml
  • Different materials available: (ES/UV Quartz,IR Quartz,Optical Glass)
  • Two windows optically polished.
  • Cuvette's Stopper Material:Ptfe