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This webpage include some frequently asked questions asked by our clients, if you have any cuvette questions, please feel free to contact with us, thanks.

The word cell and cuvette are completely interchangeable. For more information, please check the blog article: Quartz Cell or Quartz Cuvette?

We offer full spectrum of cuvettes,full line of optical cells made from quartz and glass with the best quality and affordable prices. Whatever cuvette you need, our large inventory of cuvettes has you covered. Have a unique job? We can make a custom cuvette to your specs.Just tell us the cuvette's specification ,such as cuvette's material,light path,and other property.

You can view and download our cuvette's catalog.Then tell us which cuvette model do you want to buy. Or ,you can Leave message online to contact our customer service for immediate help.

When it comes to uv spectroscopy only one thing counts:accurate results. BSDLab's high quality cuvettes have been the clear choice of fluorometer and uv spectroscopy professionals for years. In the past years,We just produce cuvettes for the import and export company in China and they sale our products to the world.

cell's Z DIMENSION(Zd) The Z dimension is the height from the bottom of the cell to the center of its sample chamber. In case of using a small volume cell in a spectrophotometer or fluorometer, the Z dimension of the cell should be the same as the height of the instrument's light beam. The height of the light beam is usually 8.5 mm or 15mm, depending on the manufacturer. When ordering a cell which has more than one Z dimension available,it is necessary to specify the required Z dimension.

When placing an order, we will need the following information:

  1. Product information: Type, Material, Light Path (& Zd for some special Model)
  2. Quantity (items are priced and sold per each item, as opposed to "pairs," "sets," etc.)
  3. Shipping methods: Our default domestic shipping is via Express.We can also ship collect to your UPS, FedEx, DHL, or TNT account number.
  4. You can choose to put your invoice in the box or send you through email. If you want the invoice sent to a separate address, please let us know.

BSDLab Cells has NO minimum order quantity, and we can ship single item samples or large orders worldwide.But for special customized cuvettes, they have MOQ.

  • PayPal (including Visa/MarsterCard/AE)
  • BankWire Transfer
  • Western Union

Notice:We want to remind all customers that they are responsible for all local handling fees and Intermediary bank handling fees. Therefore, customers should confirm the total payment amount with their local bank.

We mainly use express to ship orders from China. We are big customer of the express,such as,DHL,Fedex,EMS. So the shipping fee has at least about 20%-40% discount of their official price.

After the process of purchase, you should receive an email from us. It's an email confirming your order information,and we will also email you the tracking number after we ship out your order.Then you can visit the express's tracking website to check status of all of your orders.

Your order will be delivered in 6-12 business days. This total delivery time is based on combination of order processing time and shipping time.If you request special cuvettes,then we will mail you the special delivery time.

We have an article about how to clean cuvette,you can read it here.

ES Quartz is a slightly better grade of quartz than UV Quartz and offers superior transmission in the lower nm range. That is to say, the usable range of ES Quartz includes UV Quartz whose range is 220~2500nm. So the material of our products chooses ES Quartz. If no specific instructions, our UV quartz product's material chooses ES Quartz.

Material Code Usable Range Matching Tolerance
Optical Glass OG 320 - 2,500nm 0.5% at 350nm
UV Quartz UV 220 - 2,500nm 0.5% at 220nm
ES Quartz ES 190 - 2,500nm 0.5% at 200nm
IR Quartz IR 220 - 3,500nm 0.5% at 2730nm

BSDLab Cells has been manufacturing flow channel cells for nearly 30 years.We are able to produce of a wide variety of configurations which can be custom tailored to your specifications. We are on top of the latest manufacturing technology, and your capabilities continue to expand with the markets needs. Our customers include some of the biggest names in Flow Cytometry and Particle Analysis equipment. We has developed long-standing relationships because of our quality,flexibility,and devotion to customer service. At BSDLab,the service doesn't stop once the prototypes are complete.

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