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Who We Are

BSDLab Cells is a main high quality cuvette manufacturer and supplier from China, founded in 1981. We offer you a full line of optical cells made from UV quartz,IR quartz and optical glass with the best quality and affordable prices.

We produce the Quartz and Glass Cuvettes for the Spectrophotometer, Spectrometer, Colorimeter, Tintometer, Fluorometer and other instrument. Also, we offer cuvette custom service for cuvettes distributor and cuvettes end user.

Our cuvettes are made of high quality UV quartz,IR quartz and optical glass with fusion craft. The cells are compatible with most spectrophotometers and fluorometers in the market, we offer you equal or better quality than our competition but with cheaper prices.

In the past years, we just produce for the import and export company and they sale the cells and export the cuvettes to the world for the famous instrument manufacturer. In 2008, we build this website and try to sale our cuvettes directly online.

Why BSDLab Cells?

We are your best option against other companies like Starna, NSG, Spectrocell or Hellma. We understand today's need of high quality supplies for your laboratory and that laboratories are in a budget, so we provide you quality cells at a price you can afford.

Please visit our cell's catalog for more information or click here to leave us a message. We can make quality cuvettes with competitive price for you. Our client can enjoy discounted pricing and other exclusive benefits. Thanks for choose our UV /IR quartz cuvettes and glass cuvettes.

If you need special cells, please send us the cell's specification ,then we will can make it for you. Remember that we always offer you the best prices for all our products, just ask,please.